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The Timberidge Ranch was founded in 2003 by James and Rhonda White.

They have been a boutique breeder since its inception and are now on our 3rd generation of foals. 

The focus has been on producing an eloquent, conformationally correct equine, capable of Halter but destined for the discipline it is so inclined to perform in. 

Located in Pilot Point, Texas, Jim and Rhonda have built a haven for their treasured Arabians and black angus cattle. Situated on 49 acres of rolling fields and ponds with abundant natural trees and wildlife. Timberidge in itself is a working farm and training facility for their personal horses. Every spring, mares from all over Texas come to foal out their future champions in their state of the art facility. 

The diversity of Jim and Rhonda's horses and trainers have been an excellent example of friendship and camaraderie. Rhonda's performance horses are under the highly accomplished

Josh and Jennifer Quintus of Colonial Wood Training Center, which is located across the street from Timberidge, and Jim's halter horses are with the talented and equally as accomplished Ted Carson. Bringing the performance and halter together and supporting one another and sharing the love for the Arabian horse.

Timberidge is also home to the Triple Crown Open Western stallion, Diesel Smoke CBA.

His foals are being stamped with his beauty and athleticism. They have started to enter the ring and comes as no surprise they are winning some great titles. 

We welcome your visit to the jewel of Pilot Point, Texas, Timberidge Ranch.

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